Our Sectors

The electronics are one of the fastest-growing industries in India in terms of both production and exports. The electronics domain covers distinct industries such as telecommunications, electronic components, industrial and consumer electronics. The sector focuses on producing electronic equipment for both industries as well as consumer electronic products which include televisions, mobile devices, circuit boards, etc. The increased customer base and broadband penetration have provided enough scope for the growth of the electronics industry. Due to the launch of various innovative products and the challenge of standing out in the global market, the industry is facing a revolutionary phase.

The telecommunications sector is divided into distinct sub-sectors which include Infrastructure, White space spectrum, Mobile virtual network operators, 5G, Broadband and Telephone service providers. The industry has experienced strong growth in the past few years and is currently holding the second largest place in the global market. The total number of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) connections is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2020 along with an 8.2 % contribution to GDP. There are various technical jobs under the department of Network Management, Application Development, Background Infrastructure and Technical Service Support.

The IT sector includes disparate departments like software development, software management, consultancies, online services and business process outsourcing (BPO). The rise in the development of the IT industry has shown a huge economic transformation and has shaped the perception of the country in the global market.

India is considered to be the largest producer and the third-largest consumer of natural rubber in the world. The rubber sector is surrounded by various strengths, including the extensive plantation with the highest yield and enormous availability of basic raw materials. Hence, the annual turnover of the sector is expected to increase tremendously in the coming years. The industry offers various employment opportunities to the youth in distinct sectors including civil, aeronautics, aviation, textile engineering industries, steel plants, mines, railways and agriculture transport etc.

In order to maintain road safety and to avoid road crashes happening in the country, the government has taken several initiatives by joining hands with the private sector. The industry is loaded with a lot of career opportunities for the youth, including positions of Road Safety Expert, Senior Transportation Engineer, Safety Engineer, Safety Head, Construction Manager and many more.

There are generally four departments in which the full-service automobile dealers offer services to their customers, which include new vehicle sales, aftermarket sales, used vehicle sales and periodic service sessions. These departments hold various career options for the youth and hold different positions including administrative support, sales, managerial, repair and mechanic jobs.

With the growth of the cosmetics market, the beauty sector is also on a roll. Not only the cosmetic products but the evolution of salons and cosmetic treatment centers have also been the main contributors to the growth of the beauty industry of the country. Along with the expansion of sector arises the need for more workforce and the beauty sector offers various career opportunities that are quite trending amongst the young generation. It includes Makeup Artist, Fashion Photographer, Hair Stylist, Beauty Blogger, Cosmetologist etc.

The hospitality sector is considered to be one of the major driving forces of growth among the various service sectors in the country. With the huge potential of tourism in the country, the hospitality sector is surely going to face substantial growth which would be comparatively higher than the other sectors of the Indian economy.

The scope of employment opportunities is huge in this industry as it comprises a range of disparate enterprises that offer services such as food and beverages, entertainment, gaming, accommodation etc. This labor-intensive industry offers jobs in distinct industries like Restaurant Management, Club Management, Hotel and Catering Institute, Airline Catering and Cabin Services and many more.

The Apparel sector has always been the largest and one of the oldest contributors to India’s exports and accounts to around 11 per cent of the total exports. The textile industry contributes 2 per cent to the country’s GDP and 10% to the entire index of industrial production. The industry is loaded with diverse products and consists of a range of distinct segments like handloom, garments, apparel, handicrafts and sericulture spinning. The textile sector is labor-intensive as well and is comprised of a million workforces. With the rise of globalization, clothing trade is also increasing with a fast pace and the sector is expected to outshine its competitors in the international market in the coming years.

Being the largest job provider, the sector offers opportunities in various fields like Digital Textile Manager, Textile Designer, Fabric Manager, Retail Sales Executive, Fashion Designer etc.