Our Practices

Career Guidance and Counselling

It is a development program that keeps a comprehensive approach and aids the engaged candidates in making educational as well as occupational choices. The candidates get proficient in occupation exploration, self-knowledge and career planning.

A number of young people, belonging to economically weak and disadvantaged backgrounds, struggle to find stable employment and are deprived of proper guidance and career information. In alignment with Government schemes; we initiated various projects in the remote areas of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. We are fortunate to be backed by national & international firms to maximize our reach to every needy aspirant.

Empowering Females Through Right Guidance.Aiming.Livelihood.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) backed our project to reach-out to girls in Panipat & Sonipat by organizing workshops on Career Guidance and Employability Skills along with placement opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Hero MotoCorp Ltd

For Hero MotoCorp, we organized various career guidance workshops on making careers in the technical industry along with placement opportunities. The program trained 4000 girls in communication skills, problem-solving and innovative thinking and client-handling skills.


Set up Skill Centers

Focal skill has set up its skill centers in various locations including Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Rajasthan. Our state-of-art skill centers aim at providing training regarding the various skill development courses.

Our students always inspired us to create a challenging and positive space to bring realization to everyone’s dream, dream of flying high. We have built 10 centers right from scratch, gave a professional industry look to all the training centers. Our state-of-art infrastructure has separate classrooms for theory and practical, IT labs, soft skill classrooms and conference rooms.

dell technical class

Training & Skill Development

Skills play a crucial role to compete and survive for long-term in the corporate or the business industry. Skill development training focuses on distinct courses and assists individuals in honing their skills.

The first & foremost step towards organising training sessions is to find prospective candidates, followed by counselling sessions in order to help the candidates to identify their strengths and providing a chance to dream of a promising career in trending industry.

Counselling is done to check the interest and seriousness of the candidates. To ensure that he/she will attend the training for three months and that he/she is ready to take up employment after training whether it is local placement, self-employment or migration job.

Counselling sessions with parents are mandatorily conducted to help them understand the significance of these courses, so that they would gladly give their consent to the children to move out for jobs if needed as well as to take up more and more courses like these in order to enhance their skills.

Training classes consist of both practical and theoretical mediums. Candidates get trained with professional trainers with advanced equipment to keep them familiar with the latest technologies.


Assessment & Certification

The job-ready skills of the candidates are tested through the developed framework that measures the skills with the industry standards. The procedure helps in the filtration of employable candidates while offering the candidates a thorough analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses.

We assess our trained students before certification and prepare them for placements by organising mock interviews.


Placements & Livelihood

After the course completion, the engaged candidates are placed at distinct profiles in reputed companies according to their skills. The candidates become self-independent professionally and are prepared to launch their own ventures.

Incubation and Entrepreneurship

It revolves around the various business development processes. The candidates are trained to tackle and survive through the early stages of entrepreneurship which are meant to be the most vulnerable ones.