Hospitality and Management Courses

Food & Beverage Service Steward

Otherwise called “Waiter”, a Steward is in charge of serving food and beverages at banquet functions, room dining or restaurants efficiently and graciously. The job responsibilities involve welcoming the customers, managing seating arrangements, bringing down their requests, offering them with imperative tableware, food and drink items and some other related backups and afterwards clearing utilized dishes and settling the client’s records according to the standard procedure.

The course will offer an ideal training to the students and equip them with the required skills of serving the customers courteously at hotels, canteens and banquet functions. The students will get to work on their problem-solving abilities, communication, interpersonal and documentation skills as well.

Front Office Associate

The Front office associate is an individual who works at a hotel, health care or any agency who give more preference to customer support. The person is responsible for greeting and interacting with the clients in an ideal way. He/She also holds the responsibility of handling customer queries, maintaining records, handling cash, maintaining account records and confirming appointments.

The course will train the students with the necessary skills and knowledge that is required to work efficiently at a hotel or any restaurant. After the course completion, the students will get proficient in dealing with the customers, resolving their queries, handling the payment procedure while maintaining standard hospitable conduct.

Facility Management Executive

The Facility Manager is responsible for managing the workplace management team that manages the facilities directly. The major responsibilities of a facility manager include monitoring space allocations, developing strategic long term plans, managing the capital budget and expenses, offering a productive workspace and monitoring performance metrics.

The course will train the engaged students to undertake the procurement procedure efficiently. After the course completion, the students will be skilled in handling technical and operational departments, negotiating competitive prices, maintaining the inventory and identifying the ideal suppliers.