Electronics, Telecom and IT Courses

Key Courses in Electronics, Telecom and IT sectors

FTCP (Field Technician Computing and Peripherals)

The FTCP course is designed to train students in the fields of computer hardware and networking. The students will be equipped with the requisite skills of attending customer complaints; troubleshooting system’s problems, configuring various computer peripherals, replacing default equipments and installing newly purchased computers. The training sessions will also enhance the student’s interpersonal and decision-making capabilities as they form an integral part of the related job profiles.

MPHRT (Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician)

The Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician specializes in diagnosing the problem in the mobile phones and repairs the faulty module precisely. Besides this, the technician has to select the ideal tools and techniques required for the particular repair and have to test the repaired mobile phone before delivering it to the customer. The individual has to work while following the exact procedure and safety procedures as well to maintain a safe working environment as per the norm.

The course will make the students proficient in mobile phone repairing skills by making them understand the distinct modules of a mobile phone and how to repair each one of them efficiently. Apart from the repairing skills, the course will also enhance other crucial skills required, such as engaging with the customers, documentation and understanding the complaint, performing front end repair, meeting the target on time and ideal coordination with the colleagues.

ICT Engineering

ICT stands for Information Communication Technology and the branch has just come into the limelight, so that, the students can get a wider perspective of technology, its usage as well as its applications in the real world. The basic ICT skills are required in the everyday use of digital technology. Whether you are using your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, browsing the internet or making a simple video call, you need to have the basic skills and knowledge of technology to communicate.

Customer care Executive & In-store Promoter

A customer care executive’s primary role is to keep a professional approach while answering calls of the customers and providing them information about the existing and newly launched products and services. He/She is also responsible for handling the issues, generating sales leads, assessing customer needs and maintaining the transaction records.

The course will make the students learn a set of skills required for the particular job profile including active listening, phone contact handling, presentation, communication, multi-tasking and familiarity with the CRM systems as well. The course will include both theory and practical sessions to boost the confidence of the students and make them job-ready.

Under the flagship of Focal Skill Development Pvt. Ltd., Uptalent offers various courses:

Digital Marketing

A rich understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape. Uptalent, explore several industrial aspects, in the digital marketing program. Including topics such as digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing and other digital marketing tools.

Android App Development

Android app development program specialization to exercise and assess the ability of learners to create an interesting Android app as per industrial aspects. Uptalent, enable more creativity to learners and greater career opportunity. Learn Android development from scratch.

Machine Learning with Python

Uptalent, add-on program in Machine Learning and AI covers Python, Machine Learning, Advanced Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning and Speech Recognition. The course delivers on Industrial aspects by domain experts.