Beauty Courses

Hair Stylist

The hair stylists are also known as beauty service professionals and they specialize in styling hair and offering various hair care treatments. Besides these, they also hold a set of responsibilities like recommending clients various stylistic options according to their hair texture, introducing different hair care products to the clients, performing scalp treatments and managing bookings as well.

The course will train the engaged students with the skills and techniques that are required while performing discrete advanced hair treatments and other basic hair related services like shampoo and conditioning, blow dry, hair cut etc. During the training period, the students will also get a chance to work on their communication and consultation skills as it is also a part of their job profile.

Beauty Therapist

The beauty therapist recommends various skin care treatments to their clients after analyzing their skin. They are also responsible for offering face and body massages, using temporary or permanent hair removal techniques and introducing various skin and body care products that suit the client’s needs. The course will make the students proficient in various trending beauty therapies and make them aware of the benefits of using different skin care products. The students will get trained in performing basic skincare treatments, manicure and pedicure, waxing techniques and facial massages. Apart from the technical skills, the course will also enhance their personal traits as well, including communication skills, consultation and interpersonal skills.